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We recently announced that CELUS has earned two prestigious certifications from Great Place To Work and Kununu. Our entire team is proud of the recognition, and I would like to take some time today to give you a few insights into our human resources best practices.

Managing Growth as a Startup

Processes and procedures needed for the everyday life of the organization are set up as we grow. The most effective way that we try to do that is by documenting new cases as they occur. This way we create references for future needs which can be used as a part of onboarding, training, or guidelines. That is the role of each team member, regardless of position, as we share the load of creating useful materials for the future and living up to one of our core values, “Contribute actively”. 

At CELUS, we keep our company values in mind while creating our operational framework, and therefore they remain in line with our culture, despite the fast scaling of our team. 

Starting a New Life

Our HR team works on several initiatives to ensure smooth adaptation in Munich for new team members coming from outside of town or even abroad. We acknowledge that they don’t just start a new job, they also start a new life in a new city or a new country. Did you know that we currently employ almost 30 different nationalities? 

One of the benefits that our colleagues coming from abroad appreciate is that this process had already started before joining us in Germany in person. We offer extensive relocation support, sharing tips and tricks on how to find a perfect home before arrival. But also ensuring that the support with adaptation to the local culture continues after joining the company. For that we provide German classes, organize several traditional Bavarian events, and create fun board game activities after work, so everyone can socialize with colleagues, despite being far away from family and friends in some cases.  

Even within the CELUS HR team, 7 out of 8 team members moved to Germany at some point, and therefore we can all understand how exciting and sometimes overwhelming it can be to start a new life in a new country. 

The Great Place to Work certification proves the success of our approach, as 100% of the employees who took the survey agreed on the statement that they felt welcome after arrival in the company. 


Picking my favorite out of a long list of benefits would be hard to answer, as I like many of them! However, I really enjoy the free lunches in our amazing building canteen along with free snacks. It is a great chance to socialize with team members from different departments and build connections or even make friends among colleagues. 

Flexibility in working life is something that I personally enjoy too. Having the option of when to start to work or how often to work from home is great. Professional development and growth is equally important. That is why German or English classes are so popular, along with the yearly learning budget which can be spent on workshops, courses, lectures or conferences. 

I like that CELUS thinks about the physical health of our colleagues and offers us the opportunity to get rid of calories (after delicious lunch and snacks...) by using the E-Gym Wellpass membership. By choosing from around 5000 different sports and activities across Germany we can try each time something new and recharge with energy! I am a big fan of jumping classes 🙂

However, the main value of these benefits is not about food or home office, but about building a feeling of belonging to the community and working together to achieve common goals.

I feel our approach towards building a better company culture is pretty evident as all the respondents during the GPTW survey agreed with the statements ‘We are all in this together’, and ‘People celebrate special events here’. All of them also said that employees at CELUS are treated regardless of their sexual orientation, their age, or their gender. With in-office fun activities like table tennis tournaments, coffee sessions, bake a cake policy and much more, no doubt that 98% of the respondents to the GPTW survey said that CELUS is fun place to work! 

With a continuous feedback and improvement loop, we are getting better and better every day. Now it’s your turn to be a “Ceal” and join our journey to revolutionize the electronics industry. 

Thanks for stopping by our blog and reading this article. Now I would love to talk to you in person, so why don’t you go straight to the CELUS career portal and apply?!

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