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Lea Otte - Celus Team

I am intrigued by tech and innovations. My aim is to inform people and spread the message of smart technologies.


Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning – characteristics and differences

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Deep Learning are frequently used terms, but still hard to separate. Specifications are clarified here.

Using IP in electronics efficiently – Library Management with Cubos

Working modularly is a great challenge for the electronics industry. With the help of CELUS' Cubos, Library Management can be done easily!

Ten steps from the idea to a PCB

There are 10 steps to go from the initial idea to a finished Printed Circuit Board. Learn how the CELUS Engineering Platform can transform your business.

All about connectivity – Cloud Computing in electronics manufacturing

Cloud Computing connects humans as well as machines enabling better collaboration. These advantages can be used in electronics manufacturing - learn more.

We are hiring! Skills shortage in industrial countries

We are hiring! Skillshortage in the elctronics engineering industry is a huge challenge. Learn more about ideas how to tackle it with CELUS.

12 reasons why you should have a data integration plan

A database is the “golden standard” for real-time access for the whole company. To achieve this, you should define a data integration plan.

3 reasons to digitize your electronics development in 2021

The pandemic as a catalyst of digitalization changed the working world. Companies in the electronics development should catch up now.

How AI influences the CELUS software development

Artificial Intelligence is a term that inspires both excitement and confusion in people’s minds. Learn how we at CELUS use it in our Software.

Software Tools for the electronics development process – an overview

In every step that leads to a PCB the right software can offer great support for the developer. This article provides an overview of such tools.

All the way up – Cloud Computing and Modularization

Working with modules in conjunction with Cloud Computing is the future of electronics development. This progress requires new ways of working.