30 leaders in the electronics industry you should know

We truly believe in ambition, expertise and motivation to succeed. Thus, we love reading of people, who are on this road and feel inspired! We created a list with 30 leaders within the electronics industry you should know - and this is only part one.

1. Alex Pohl

Alex@3x CELUS-logo

Alex Pohl is Co-founder and CTO of CELUS. He holds a master's degree in Aerospace engineering and Management from the Technical University of Munich. He is an absolute tech-enthusiast and in-house expert for cloud infrastructures. СELUS is the world's first electronics engineering automation company and fastens the development process by up to 90%. 

2. Sergey Kostinsky

3@3x Altium_Logo

Sergey Kostinsky held various positions at Altium, starting as Director of Product Development, Head of Engineering and has been CTO since 2018. The mathematician has now 20 years of experience in senior management positions for CAD Tools. Under Sergey’s leadership, Altium’s PCB design tools have become a global standard and paved the way for Altium’s cloud platform to revolutionize electronics development. 

3. Dr. Zied Marrakchi

5@3x 0mYDA

Dr. Zied Marrakchi has a Master's degree in microelectronics and a doctorate in philosophy. Before joining Mentor Graphics, he co-founded Flexras Technologies, which Mentor Graphics later acquired. Due to that, he started as an Engineering Manager at Mentor Graphics. After Mentor Graphics moved to Siemens EDA, he was appointed Director of Engineering.

4. Scott Borduin

27@3x autodesk-logo

Scott Borduin has a Master's degree from the University of Michigan. After that, he started his career at Autodesk. He achieved his next career level as Executive Director at Democracy Talking Inc., a non-profit organization. After 6 years, he went back to Autodesk and since 2018 he has been CTO there. Borduin provides strategic foresight to Autodesk and its customers across a broad range of emerging technologies.

5. Max Chan

10@3x 423-119-max

Avnet's Chief Information Officer Max Chan is responsible for all IT areas within the Avnet system. The mathematician and manager has held various leading positions at Johnson Controls and VF Corporation and finally joined Avnet in 2013. Since 2018 he has been CIO. Chan achieved many awards, for instance the ORBIE Award for CIO of the year or the CIO 100 Award in 2020.

6. Alexander Gerfer




Alexander Gerfer has been named CTO of Würth Elekrtonik eiSos group 24 years ago, which is an outstanding period of leading a company. Since 2017, he has been CEO as well. Gerfer played an important role of guiding Würth to getting one of Europe´s largest manufacturers of electronic and electromechanical components. Due to his innovational mindset, he successfully implemented tools like Design-Thinking and Agile Working in Hardware Design to ensure future-oriented working.  He is responsible for the global strategy for production lines and raw material management, as well as a global quality system.

7. Dr. Markus Klausner




Dr. Markus Klausner has been Viessmann's CTO since 2016. Before joining Viessmann, he gained 17 years of experience at Bosch. In various positions, was climbing the career ladder. He is a true leader, which he has shown especially in the Corona crises: Klausner and his employees pushed forward the development of a ventilator that can be used in areas with poor infrastructure - even though Viessmann is a manufacturer of heating systems.

8. Arkaitz Oyarbide

21@3x 2000px-Knorr-Bremse_logo.svg

Arkaitz Oyarbide is based in China as CTO of Merak-Jinxin, which is part of the Knorr-Bremse group. He graduated as an industrial engineer in 2003 before taking another engineering position. In 2007, he joined Merak-Jinxin and now is also a Member of the company's board of directors.

9. Ales Drabek



Ales Drabek studied Mathematical Statistics and Computer Science in Prague. He held various leading positions in the consumer industry, such as Country Manager at C&A, Managing director at Rossmann and Director of Global Digital Channels at Metro. He changed into the electronics field in 2016, where he joined Conrad. He is currently a self-employed e-commerce consultant.

10. Max Aguilar

11@3x 301-167-max

Max Aguilar has been the current Vice president of Software Development at Mouser Electronics since 2016. Before that, he served as Director of Software Development for 7 years. Therefore, he has an impressive background in executive positions: Even before Mouser Electronics, he held executive and director positions. Aguilar is characterized as a goal-oriented and detail-oriented person.

11. Ramesh Babu



Ramesh Babu is Digi-Key's Vice President of IT. He set the basis for this in his education, studying electrical and electronics engineering as well as management. After that, he worked as a consultant for various corporations until Babu held a position as a director at Target for 9 years. Since April 2005, he has been VP and CIO at Digi-Key, where Babu is responsible for the global vision and strategy of the entire IT department.

12. Dr. Ahmad Bahai



Dr. Ahmad Bahai is a true tech-enthusiast, founder, professor and CTO. His first job had been as a Technical Manager at Bell Laboratories. As a next step, Bahai had co-founded his own company: Algorex Corporation. After guiding this company to success, it was acquired by National Semiconductors, where he was appointed CTO. Bahai joined Texas Instruments as their CTO in 2011, where he is responsible for guiding breakthrough innovation, corporate research and Kilby Labs. He has also been a consulting professor at Stanford University since 2003.

13. Frank Vincelli



Frank Vincelli is the current CTO of Future Electronics. He laid the foundation for his career at Dawson College in Montreal, where he studied computer science. He then joined Future Electronics for the first time as a project manager. He left the company after nine years in this position. Since taking over as CTO at FE, he has been a manager and team leader at Equifax, and has also served as a director at Sipex.

14. Robert Leindl

1@3x Infineon-Logo.svg

Robert Leindl studied electronics and information technology at the Technical University of Munich. He worked as an Application Engineer at Data Modul AG as well as a Marketing Manager at Siemens. In 1999, he finally joined Infineon Technologies, where he has been working since 22 years. 9 years ago he has been appointed Executive Vice President and CIO. 

15. Heike Kling

Heike@3x Hilti-Logo

Heike Kling has been a Head of Engineering of the North Region of Hilti Deutschland AG since 2016. She began her career in 1999 and continues to hold various positions in the Hilti Engineering Department.

16. David Flaschenträger

19@3x Quantron_AG_Logo

David Flaschenträger is not only a an athlete but also a true leader. He collected manifold experience, especially in the field of batteries and e-mobility at Fraunhofer, BMZ (battery montage center), E-Force as well as Luzerner Technology Consultant GmbH and Quantron. At Luzerner, Flaschenträger holds the position of CEO and at Quantron he has been CTO since about a year. He is also involved in the big triathlon association.

17. Dr. Jan Birnstock



Dr. Jan Birnstock brings a lot of expertise in organic electronics and OLED solutions, as well as experience in management positions with him, especially in Asia. Apart from that, he is co-inventor from over 60 patented technologies. Therefore, he is a truly visionary leader. Since 2019, the doctorated physicist holds the position of technical director at Heliatek, a leader in photovoltaics.

18. Josh McCabe




Josh McCabe started his career by studying Technology Management and Management Information Systems at the Kansas State University. After several years of experience as a Network Operator and IT Manager, he joined the company Koch, where he worked from 2012 to 2020. Currently, he is VP and CTO at Molex, one of the largest Electronics Manufacturers.

19. Stefanie Herzog




Stefanie Herzog is a talented Head of Engineering in BASF. She started her career at BASF right after university and has held various positions in the company for 13 years. Currently, Herzog is responsible for the automation and digitalization in several projects of the company.

20. Roland Edel





Roland Edel has been appointed as Chief Technology Officer of the Siemens Mobility GmbH in August 2018. Before that, he held several positions at Siemens His motto is: "Let's do it." because he firmly believes that if a company wants to succeed in the long term, sustainable leadership in innovation and technology is crucial.

21. Dr. Prafull Sharma




Dr. Prafull Sharma is not only CTO, but also the Co-Founder of CorrisionRADAR. It is an Industry 4.0 company specializing in predictive analytics and industrial IoT. Prior to that, he is a Visiting Lecturer as well as Doctoral Research Fellow at Cranfield University. Additionally, he has a background as an engineer in R&D.

22. Prof. Dr. Hao Xin

16@3x nfx6j2qrsfueyui4gfus

Prof. Dr. Hao Xin has a doctor in physics, which enables him to hold lectures at the University of Arizona. He also founded Lunewave in 2016 and has been its CTO ever since. Lunewave develops and sells next-generation radar for autonomous transportation.

23. Dr. Katherine Hutchison





Katherine Hutchison is currently Executive director and Head of Technology Strategy and Roadmap at EMD Electronics. Prior to that, she gained impressive experience in such companies as Versum Materials, Air Products and Chemicals, and Edwards. Her strategic skills allow combining market and technology trends into business opportunities.

24. Frank Weber





Frank Weber studied mechanical engineering in Darmstadt. He directly jumped into the automotive industry, holding positions at General Motors, Adam Opel AG and BMW. Since 2020, he has been BMW's Development CTO as well as a member of the Management Board. Prior to that, he had been responsible for the product lines Rolls-Royce and Luxury Class.

25. Oliver Hoffmann





Oliver Hoffmann is a true car enthusiast. The engineer studied in Leipzig and worked for Volkswagen, Lamborghini and Audi. At Audi, he was COO, where he was heading the business operations of Technical Development. Currently he has been a fresh Member of the Management Board for one month.

26.Gunther Zwingmann




Gunther Zwingmann has been serving as Head of IT since 2017 at EDAG. Before, he held management positions at Hoerbiger Deutschland and gained experience at Almantis GmbH and IBM. Zwingmann is impressed by the new challenges and appreciates working in a great team.

27. Christian Stüble






Christian Stüble is CTP at Rohde & Schwarz Cybersecurity. There he is responsible for the R&D department and is always looking for the latest research. Additionally, he has received several awards and works as an author of scientific and technical papers.

28. Alastair McIntosh






As Chief Technology Officer, Alastair McIntosh is relatively new. Before joining Lilium, he was managing director and director of engineering at Rolls-Royce. McIntosh's main goal in this position is to bring the Lilium Jet eVTOL aircraft to market.

29. Alexander Schulz






Alexander Schulz is COO of the Ferchau AG. He has started in this role in 2016. Ferchau offers technology services in the field of engineering and information technology in Europe. The development service provider works in the fields of e-mobility, automotive, digitalization as well as technologies to overcome the COVID-19 pandemic.

30. Dr. Michael C. Mayberry






Dr. Michael C. Mayberry has not only been named Chief Technology Officer at Intel, but also heads Intel Labs. Mayberry began his career at Intel in 1984. Intel's CTO not only has a Ph.D. in chemistry but is also responsible for some of the future Intel's projects. 

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