The Smartest Way to Design Electronics

The AI-powered CELUS Engineering Platform generates schematics, PCB Floorplan, and BOM compatible with the industry’s EDA Tools at the touch of a button. By automating all manual steps in the engineering process, and by using rich component databases, we reduce development times by up to 90%.

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Three Easy Risk Mitigation Strategies to Navigate the Chip Shortage

Find out, how the CELUS Engineering Platform can help to increase enterprise resilience and flexibility.

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3 Easy Risk Mitigation Strategies

Can AI be Used to Create PCB Designs?

Read this review by analyst John McMillan of Lifecycle Insights about the CELUS Engineering Platform.

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CELUS goes electronica 2022!

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The CELUS Engineering Platform

Easier, smarter, and more efficient

The CELUS Engineering Platform saves you time and makes data sheets obsolete, by creating transparency between component suppliers and engineers. It accelerates the electronics design, boosts efficiency, and speeds the time to market up significantly. To achieve this, we automate manual and repetitive work, by providing a state-of-the-art user experience and component database.

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All-In-One Solution

Be one step ahead of time and redefine how the electronics engineering design is done. The CELUS Engineering Platform has the right tools to help you make faster decisions, increase productivity and deliver higher quality projects in no time.

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CELUS Supernova

CELUS Supernova brings structure into your engineering process. You can map your existing data and reuse this information by making use of automation - from concept to PCB Floorplan in your native EDA format.


CELUS Orbit is the new way of library management in electronics development. Our smart data management empowers you to unfold the full potential of your electronics engineering.

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We understand your challenges

With our deep expertise, we help you eliminate complexity, uncover opportunities, and put yourselves at the forefront of your industry. We help you think differently.


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2-6 Oct 2022

Light + Building

Light + Building is the top event for lighting and building services technology. In 2022 it will take place as an autumn edition.
16-18 Nov 2022

Electronica 2022

Electronica 2022 is a great opportunity for CELUS to show the various new features and updates of our product.  


What Our Clients and Partners Say About the CELUS Engineering Platform

  • “The automation of industrial hardware engineering is an important step that leads to immense speed gains and cost reductions with significantly higher process reliability. Thanks to the CELUS Engineering Platform, this automation will be possible for the first time – conventional tools are not designed for it.”

    Christian Faust, Managing Director, Viessmann Elektronik GmbH
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  • “Zuken supports the digital transformation of the manufacturing industry with a comprehensive range of best-in-class tools and technologies. As part of this transformation process, we are partnering with CELUS to extend the electronics design capability to help our customers to move fast from initial product idea to an initial electronics design. Through our connection with CELUS, this design data flows seamlessly into our electronic system design tools. As such, our customers benefit from our powerful design data and configuration management functions as well as integrated solutions.”

    Klaus Wiedemann, Marketing Manager (Europe), Zuken GmbH
  • “Combining the data from our library of components with CELUS’ AI algorithms help eliminate guesswork and accelerate the design process so engineers can work smarter, not harder.”

    Frank Frank, Product Architect, Ultra Librarian