Cubos - Because we know time is limited

Cubos are knowledge-enriched modules with all the required information an engineer needs. Cubos pave the way for groundbreaking electronics development.


Enriched Knowledge - Endless Possibilities

Enriched knowledge Enriched knowledge

Fill up your database with Cubos and your components, interfaces, and specifications. You can enrich them with additional information, such as a PCB layout and complete documentation, to have ready-to-use Cubos. The CELUS Engineering Platform stores and structures your inserted information for you.

Enriched knowledge Enriched knowledge 2

Create cutting-edge projects with your stored Cubos. Once a Cubo is in the system, you can use the information repeatedly without investing further time or effort.


Analyze existing database

While you are defining your functionality in CELUS Supernova, CELUS Orbit automatically analyzes all existing Cubos. These can come either from your previously uploaded database or from the CELUS general market library.

Automatically select fitting Cubos

The Cubos search and combination algorithm automatically selects Cubos based on the functionality you want to build and the requirements each Cubo has.

Merge all Cubos

After all needed Cubos are selected CELUS Supernova finds the needed components, merges them into one schematic and creates a first floorplanning.








Store your Cubos and have your components always ready for use any time, in a way that everybody can understand. Reuse them as often as you like in different combinations and save time and money. This is Smart Design Reuse as it should be.

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