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Everything you Need to Know about CELUS

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What is the CELUS Engineering Platform?

The CELUS Engineering Platform automates the design of electronic solutions. Through a functionality-based design process, the system translates design requirements in form of block diagrams and technical attributes into a fully designed electronics solution. The designer maintains full control, sets priorities, and can select proposed alternative components and solutions throughout the design process. Our AI-powered software generates the corresponding schematics file, a Bill of Material and a prototype-grade PCB layout file in the EDA format of your choice. By automating many of the existing manual design steps in the engineering process, CELUS helps you to reduce development times by up to 90%. Thus, leaving much more time for experiments, variants, and real innovation.

What are the technical requirements to use the platform?

The CELUS Engineering Platform is fully SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) based and works in the cloud. All you need is an up-to-date browser on your computer to run the platform. You can work and design wherever you are, whenever you want and on the device of your choice. As long as you have an internet connection, you are good to go.

Which EDA Tools are currently supported?

The CELUS Engineering Platform generates electronic design files for a multitude of EDA Tools. We are constantly working on adding support for further EDA Tools. Today we offer full support for Autodesk Eagle, Altium Designer and Zuken CADSTAR. We will be adding support for Siemens EDA and Zuken CR8000 soon. Contact us to understand more about our supported EDA Tools here.

Where do you store my design data and is my content safe?

The CELUS Engineering Platform is a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) application that runs in the cloud. We are hosting our servers at world-class data center vendors and have taken very stringent security measures to protect your and our assets. You can read information about our data security measures here.

Do you provide any tutorials?

Please visit our CELUS Academy and explore all the benefits of our platform with step-by-step videos.

Do you have any proven projects with other companies?

We usually are not allowed to disclose information about our customers or our customer’s projects. However, we regularly disclose Case Studies about selected customer projects.

Does the CELUS Engineering Platform replace engineers with AI?

In short: No.

We strongly believe in automation as support for humans to deal better with complex processes and large amounts of data. Similar to how traditional EDA Tools help humans to work more efficiently, we take that support much further. Through automation, we want to make life easier for engineers by reducing routine and time-consuming work through AI. Instead, the engineers should focus on creativity and true innovation. Through our platform, there is no longer the need to read through hundreds of pages of technical documentation since we embed that information in our digital models. As a result, highly-skilled engineers can now focus on the complex parts of the development process and invest their time to experiment, innovate and design better solutions than ever before.

Can I share my projects with others?

Yes, you can share your projects within a group. Sharing projects facilitate easy and effective collaboration with your peers, regardless of location.

How is AI (Artificial Intelligence) used within the CELUS Engineering Platform?

As a part of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning is used in CELUS Orbit to make it even handier and to easily implement Cubos into your database. The CELUS wizard helps you fill out all fields in the schematic interface and makes its predictions with typical Machine Learning techniques. The algorithm is able to identify the class of each net (e.g. VCC, Ground, etc). 

Next, based on these net classes, it searches the database for other net classes and predicts an interface with this information. Artificial Intelligence is also in use in CELUS Supernova. When using the CELUS Engineering Platform, you can drag & drop design blocks to your Canvas to describe your required functions. The smart algorithm will then take over the complex task of placing these design blocks on the board. It takes all constraints into account, such as connections, placement on the edge, or electromagnetic interference. You will receive an optimally sized PCB Board.  

The CELUS Engineering Platform

How does the CELUS Engineering Platform work exactly?

The CELUS Engineering Platform consists of 2 unique products: CELUS Orbit and CELUS Supernova. CELUS Orbit models and stores all the necessary information to create an electronics design. CELUS Supernova works based on these intelligent models and highly-structured data to automate several of the design processes, such as component and Cubo search and integration into a complete set of design files.

What is CELUS Supernova?

CELUS Supernova leverages the knowledge stored in the CELUS Orbit system and can capture different kinds of design requirements from engineers in the form of block diagrams, technical attributes, and form-factor drawing. Supernova can interpret and act upon engineers’ design definitions, looking for relevant components & modules for your design and delivering a great starting point in form of schematics, PCB Floorplan, and BOM. All without compromising engineers’ flexibility on the thinking process.

Where do I find more information about CELUS Supernova?

Learn more about Supernova here.

What is CELUS Orbit?

CELUS Orbit is an intelligent engineering data library and management system. In CELUS Orbit, you can import your know-how in the form of components and Cubos. The information in CELUS Orbit can contain projects, components, templates, design rules, specifications, and so on. Centralized, this knowledge is made available to the relevant stakeholders which helps to improve design processes and knowledge sharing among departments and locations. In CELUS Orbit, managed workflows are used to add, update, delete entries and to control access rights to the information in the library.

Where do I find more information about CELUS Orbit?

Learn more about Orbit here.

What is a Cubo?

CELUS Cubos are knowledge-enriched functional design modules with all the required information for CELUS Supernova to use these modules in the automated generation of electronic designs. Cubos pave the way for next-level design reuse. Fill up your database with your unique Cubos by specifying components, interfaces, and functions so that every bit of relevant information is retained in them. You can enrich Cubos with additional information such as a PCB Layout and complete documentation. CELUS Orbit stores and structures your stored information for you, and offers managed workflows for data management.

Can I only use CELUS Orbit without CELUS Supernova?

CELUS Orbit can be used as a stand-alone application to store and manage your component data and your CUBOs. The CELUS Orbit library can be connected to 3rd party software tools. Please contact us to understand how you can use CELUS Orbit software to meet your needs.

Can I only use CELUS Supernova without CELUS Orbit?

CELUS Supernova cannot be used as a stand-alone application. CELUS Supernova requires CELUS Orbit as an information source, as it is not possible to automate design processes without properly structured data.


What does it cost me to use the CELUS Engineering Platform?

The CELUS Engineering Platform is a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) based application with access based on a valid subscription. To get more information about our pricing model and get a quote, please contact us here.

How long does it take to get started with using the CELUS Engineering Platform?

Getting started with the CELUS Engineering Platform will not take more than a couple of minutes. Since the CELUS Engineering Platform is a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) based product, all you need is an up-to-date browser on your computer to get started. No further installations are required. Should you wish to integrate our CELUS Engineering Platform in your IT landscape, please contact us for further information.

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