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The Quest for Component Knowledge

Jean Rodriguez, CELUS

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In the world of electronics engineering, where innovation and functionality go hand in hand, the challenges we face are as diverse as the components we utilize. In my journey from a hands-on electronics developer to my current role as a Senior Field Application Engineer at CELUS, I've encountered myriad technical roadblocks that have tested my mettle and creativity.

One particular hurdle I often grappled with was the relentless quest for reference designs and use cases that could guide me in building the functionalities I needed for my designs. The availability of such invaluable resources online was inconsistent at best, and often, my search felt like a game of hide-and-seek, with vital knowledge playing the elusive trickster.

The Hunt for Reference Designs

Back in my days as a dedicated electronic hardware developer, I vividly remember the hours I spent scouring the vast expanses of the internet in search of the golden nugget - a reference design or a use case that would unravel the complexities of the components I had at hand. The potential was there, locked within the capabilities of various components, but without the guidance of reference materials, I found myself in a maze of uncertainty.

Life Cycle Surprises

Perhaps one of the most disheartening experiences in my career was reaching the finish line of a project, only to be greeted by an unforeseen challenge - a critical component I intended to use had transitioned into the dreaded status of "Not Recommended for New Designs." This unpleasant revelation felt like a cruel twist of fate.

The struggle didn't lie in the decision to adapt to the change; it was the lack of anticipatory information. Imagine the countless hours invested in the project, only to discover that a key piece of the puzzle was now deemed obsolete. The absence of foresight in component life cycles could be a silent project killer.

The Solution: CELUS

Fast forward to the present, where I have the privilege of contributing to the solution to these long-standing issues. At CELUS, we're not merely in the business of providing users with pre-designed blocks that cater to their specific project needs.

We've embarked on the journey to deliver an intelligent tool that performs real-time assessments of the life cycles of all components integrated into your projects.

Imagine, as you create your design, the CELUS platform acts as your virtual guardian, evaluating the viability of each component's life cycle. This groundbreaking feature provides users with invaluable insights to make informed decisions and adapt their projects proactively, avoiding any unforeseen disruptions.


Now it’s your turn! We are providing our technology for free to all our peer engineers out there to relieve you of the hassles and manual work you encounter day-to-day.

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