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Cloud Hosting Options: Which One Will Meet Your Needs

Having trouble managing and protecting your electrical engineering firm’s data? Let us help you to get an overview over possible cloud hosting options.

12 reasons why you should have a data integration plan

A database is the “golden standard” for real-time access for the whole company. To achieve this, you should define a data integration plan.

3 reasons to digitize your electronics development in 2021

The pandemic as a catalyst of digitalization changed the working world. Companies in the electronics development should catch up now.

How AI influences the CELUS software development

Artificial Intelligence is a term that inspires both excitement and confusion in people’s minds. Learn how we at CELUS use it in our Software.

3 reasons to optimize your electronics development now

Learn about the three main reasons to optimize your electronics engineering now with the CELUS Engineering Platform.

A quick reminder of important tips to successfully work remotely during the Coronavirus

Most of us are fairly experts in working from home, but we want to remind you about some aspects we consider as very important and to keep the team spirit.

Software Tools for the electronics development process – an overview

In every step that leads to a PCB the right software can offer great support for the developer. This article provides an overview of such tools.

The Internet of Things

IoT will make our world smarter by merging the digital and physical world. Learn more about the requirements and opportunities to change in our lives.

All the way up – Cloud Computing and Modularization

Working with modules in conjunction with Cloud Computing is the future of electronics development. This progress requires new ways of working.

The CAD-Tool-Migration-Phobia

Migrating a CAD-tool into another one or a new version can demand great effort. This challenge can be tackled by through planning.