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Interview with Project Manager Iuliia Semenova

Would you please introduce yourself and describe what your role at CELUS includes?

Hi, I’m Iuliia and I’m a Project Manager at CELUS. I joined the company just a couple of weeks ago, and I'm very excited to work in such a great team. Generally speaking, my role includes coordinating the project, helping with forming a new team and adapting processes for an intensively growing company.

Which part of your work is the most enjoyable for you and what do you like about it?

I enjoy the variety of my work, both in terms of people and the scope of the project I am responsible for.

Also, I like introducing new things to a project or company because implementing changes is exciting! It's challenging, but it's fantastic when you get it right as people appreciate what you've done and how you've improved their work. And I love working with people and teams. It's fascinating to observe their personalities and find the right approach.

As a project manager, you have to be organized and should always keep the overview. Are you able to apply these skills in all areas of your life?

Hmm... That's an interesting question. I think I'm good at organizing trips and remotely keeping track of how things are going with family and friends. But I fail to keep track of the food in the fridge, and I often have to order pizza...

Imagine you had an extremely stressful week, what brings you joy to balance this?

If I have no energy, I have to get some sleep first. If I need a distraction from work, hiking, sports, and driving by car (with excellent music) helps.

You mentioned that new impulses are very important to you. Does this apply to your leisure time as well?

I'm fascinated by new emotions and experiences, so I'm interested in trying new activities. I have already done: skydiving, hot air ballooning, scuba diving, rock climbing, canyoning, painting, vocal lessons, playing the piano, dancing, horseback riding, hiking, mountain skiing, and kayaking. But unfortunately, there is never enough time to try everything.

We heard you love playing board games. Which is the board game you always win?

There is no game in which I always win. I think this is good because otherwise, all the excitement would be lost. A game has only value when it is tough!

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