Interview with Field Application Engineer, Jean Rodriguez

Hi Jean, can you introduce yourself to us?

My name is Jean Rodriguez and I have joined the CELUS team continuing my role as a Field Application Engineer (FAE).

Formerly, I worked at Altium as a FAE for a few years, where I was closely collaborating with the sales team by supporting them with technical input about Altium's products and services. I also took care of both prospects and existing customers.

Before this, I had studied computer science in my homeland (Venezuela) and gained over 8 years of experience as an embedded systems developer and PCB designer in several companies in Barcelona, Spain.

Due to my direct experience developing electronic projects, I am able to quickly understand the challenges and needs of electronic engineers. This motivates me to provide them a concise solution to optimize the design cycle using ECAD design software.

What was your first impression of CELUS?

I was very surprised by what the CELUS Design Platform is capable of! I must admit that I also was a bit skeptical at the beginning seeing the magnitude of change in the design workflow all engineers are used to for so many years. However, seeing the design process of electronics hardware is streamlined is just amazing. There are so many details removed that not only often result in a big headache but also can reduce the time-to-market in an amazing way.

What would you consider your greatest achievement in your career so far?

The greatest achievement of my professional career definitely has been the decision to become a field application engineer (FAE), although, I must confess that leaving the exciting world of design was not an easy decision to make.

For me, it was the greatest achievement because after a long training to become a FAE in combination with all my previous experience in designing electronic devices, allows me to help so many people to get the most out of EDA tools. In my opinion, my work helps to materialize the ideas of excellent professionals as I supported them to know all capabilities of their design tools in depth and make the most out of it.

And what is your next goal in business life?

I believe that the next step will be to somehow transfer my knowledge and experience to what will soon be our team of field application engineers, helping in the training of our future colleagues and wearing two hats, the technical and the management one. I want to cover the technical requirements of all our potential new customers, showing the power and capabilities of the CELUS Design Platform in a detailed and insightful way.

What makes working at CELUS special for you?

Firstly, the excitement of being part of a company, which will influence the way in which electronic devices are designed. Secondly, the team spirit and authenticity at CELUS felt very pleasant from the first moment. All colleagues are amazingly nice and everyone, absolutely everyone, is willing to collaborate at all times to do a great job every day.

How do you think is the electronics industry going to change within the next few years and which contribution will CELUS have here?

Although there are very powerful and sophisticated tools on the market for the design of electronic devices, the way in which they are designed has not changed much in the last two decades, however, the complexity of devices has grown to unimaginable levels.

For example, today, we hold mobile phones in our hands that exceed the processing and storage capacity of desktop computers of a few years ago. This makes the design of today's electronic devices a real challenge, we use more and more components while reducing their size, we have a universe of options when selecting each component, and each active component contains a reference design in turn. Such designs have to be put on the table to evaluate them one by one as we have been doing for many years.

I firmly believe that this is going to change, we have to speed up the recognition of that universe of options to be able to choose the right parts in a fraction of the time and that is where the CELUS Design Platform comes into action to give a very strong push to the electronics industry, scanning the universe of options to shape to our ideas and present a fully functional solution in a few seconds.

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