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Contunity becomes CELUS

When we started on this journey in 2015, we had the dream to radically change how electronics engineering is done. We were shaped by the idea that incredibly smart people should spend their time coming up with creative and innovative solutions rather than on monotonous tasks.

In our early days most people we talked to didn't believe in the feasibility of our vision. That did not stop us and kept working towards our goal. Looking back at our humble beginnings, we’re proud to say that we have made the seemingly impossible possible and we’re a lot closer to our initial dream than we were back then.

Thanks to the addition of incredibly talented and smart people the company has evolved and matured quite a bit in terms of quality and quantity. We’ve grown to a team of twelve people from five different countries and they have made the organisation better, not only on the operational side, but also on the technical side. As a result our AI has improved substantially, meaning that it’s now able to generate fully fletched embedded systems, including schematics, bill of material and PCB-layout at the push of a button.

With the evolution of our product we have won over several companies as partners to work with us as they bought into our approach and our vision. While we know that there is still a long way to go, it is encouraging to see that we are far from alone in our belief that there is a faster and simpler way of developing electronics. The opposite is true! Huge interest appeared all around us and it feels like an entire industry is starting to share our vision.

Our progress has also led us to broaden our horizon and set sights on new industries and verticals. While the automotive industry will remain in our focus, we believe that our solution is relevant for any industry where electronics play a significant and as such - we are branching out.
The past year also showed us that our name was too narrow for our bold vision. The name Contunity, a combination of the words “Control units for you”, has a strong focus on the automotive industry and often got confused with the noun continuity. However, we offer more efficient processes and growth and certainly not continuity!

As our horizon is much wider, we don’t set ourselves any limits and aim high. Our new name CELUS is derived from the latin word “caelus”, which means “sky”. We believe that our cloud solution is the future of electronics engineering.

The new logo uses round shapes combined with an angular font, representing the passion that drives us and the novel approach that we take to solving problems in a traditional industry. At the same time it underlines our professionalism and crystal clear view of where we are going. The logo resembles the design blocks in our platform, while the sky is represented by the blue color.

We’re incredibly eager to see what the future holds and hope for nothing but blue skies!

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