CELUS and the IoT – A Smart Symbiosis

CELUS and UK-based company Cascoda, a fabless semiconductor company, have partnered to design the world’s first design-automated Thread development kit.

We have premiered the demo at the Light + Building show and are now presenting it at the upcoming Thread member meeting in Malaga, Spain.

What does the demo include?

  • The IoT toolkit for Thread-based connected devices allows end-to-end design at a functional level
  • It supports a fully integrated design automation process that creates
    • a full system design
    • the component/BOM selection
    • the hardware layout design
    • a fully automated firmware stack.

The power of this demo is in the end-to-end capability; from functional design down to the PCB design with a working firmware stack.

Matthijs von Witte, Commercial Director at CELUS

"We are very excited about our joint demo as it shows the first-ever capability of designing working IoT building automation devices from a dedicated toolkit. The demo shows how to design an IoT system from concept to working prototype in literally a couple of minutes. Our CELUS Design Platform helps to accelerate the design of IoT products that are essential to make our living spaces more sustainable and comfortable", says Matthijs von Witte, Commercial Director at CELUS.

Note that Cascoda and CELUS are planning to collaborate closely on a couple of projects to drive innovation in IoT and make it accessible for every engineer out there. We will be communicating more soon…

In the meantime, check out CELUS' and Cascoda’s presence on LinkedIn and their respective websites and consider getting involved with Thread. There is a dedicated webpage on their site with details on how to participate in the Thread Working Group

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