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The CELUS Design Platform addresses the labor-intensive nature of traditional hardware design. Engineers often struggle to find the best solution among millions of components, leading to hours of reading data sheets and application notes. Thanks to CELUS, this is no longer a problem. We help engineers make suitable component choices. From thought to circuits in minutes!


At CELUS, we aim to revolutionize the electronics design process by leveraging Al to enhance efficiency and reduce time to design. Our platform eliminates barriers and complexities, enabling engineers to bring their ideas to life within minutes instead of hours or days. With an intuitive interface and powerful Al algorithms, we empower engineers to complete circuits faster than ever before.

Our mission is to revolutionize the way electronics engineers work, fostering a culture of limitless possibilities and propelling the industry toward a future of efficient and impactful electronic design.

The Technology

The Al-powered CELUS Design Platform generates schematics and bill of materials (BoM) compatible with the industry's EDA tools at the touch of a button. It offers a collection of digital reference designs, allowing engineers to work directly on high-level functionalities and effortlessly capture their hardware architecture. Simply capture your functional requirements and specifications through dynamic block diagrams.

Learn more about the Founding Story, the Technology, and CELUS for Component Manufacturers and Electronics Engineers by Downloading the PDF.


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