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Use Case

Coffee Machine

How to Develop an Automatic Coffee Machine Using the CELUS Design Platform

  •  Product: Automatic coffee machine 
  • Complexity: Medium
  • Number of Parts: Around 103
  • Number of Connections: Around 982
The demand for modern consumer products is growing. Thanks to low-cost sensors, electronics engineers can add new functionality to basic goods. For example, the lowly coffee machine now has sensors that enable it to prewarm carafes, start and stop automatic brewing, and temporarily pause drip operations when a user removes the carafe. All these features – and others – help automatic coffee machines deliver a better user experience. Although automatic coffee machines are found in almost every home, they’re still moderately challenging to design. Electronic engineers like you need to research and source components, conduct a feasibility analysis, and design printed circuit board (PCB) floorplans and prototypes. It also would be beneficial for engineers to create reference designs for reuse and developing related products, such as a next-gen coffee machine. 

If you’re designing a mainstream product like an automatic coffee machine, you likely want to:

  • Source components more easily and make sure they’re available 
  • Work more efficiently, managing larger product portfolios 
  • Speed up design processes to accelerate time to market 
  • Move intellectual property from Excel spreadsheets to a secure database 
  • Optimize designs to reduce costs or achieve other goals 
  • Create new product variations to grow sales and market share

This use case provides a simple guide that walks you through the process of creating an automatic coffee machine. Our goal is to demonstrate how easy it is to use the CELUS Design Platform to optimize your design processes and help you work more efficiently. While we selected an automatic coffee machine for review, you could use the steps outlined here to create any electronic or smart product of your choice.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Designing an Automatic Coffee Machine with the CELUS Design Platform is provided in the full PDF.

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