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CELUS and MITAI Strategic Partnership Announcement

Munich-based Electronics Specialists CELUS and MITAI Announce Strategic Partnership to Boost Design Automation

The partnership between the two startups will deploy AI to increase design speeds, reduce time-to-market and save on costs for thousands of electronics engineers


MUNICH, GERMANY, JUNE 2023: Munich-based startups CELUS ( and MITAI ( by TDK have announced a strategic partnership focused on driving innovation through automation in the electronics design industry to empower the global electronics community.


CELUS and MITAI both leverage AI to automate distinctive tasks in electronics development, allowing electronics designers to increase their design speeds, save cost and reduce time-to-market. Both startups are addressing the same audience, recognizing the strong complementary powers of each of their individual solutions.  While CELUS has developed a powerful technology that automates the early stage in the design process, capturing PCB architecture, schematics and BOM in record time with AI, MITAI identifies and solves EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility) at the PCB design level to simply the EMC testing process.


Matthijs von Witte, Commercial Director at CELUS, states: “Increasing efficiency is our North Star and therefore, we at CELUS are committed to support a full eco-system of AI-supported tools that help the industry to increase productivity in electronic design,” says  “We share a common belief with MITAI that networking plays a vital role in the fast-paced SaaS market, where new technologies continuously emerge and disappear," states von Witte, emphasizing the collaboration between both startups. Our mutual conviction is that the future lies in automating electronics design through AI. By joining forces, we assure our customers that they will remain at the forefront of the latest trends in this dynamic market.”


Chadi Nemer, Head of Product at MITAI, adds: “We deeply understand the pressures our customers face in their busy schedules and daily operations. That's why we are excited to come together and make things easier for them. By joining forces, we can make a greater impact on the electronics design community, minimizing the need for multiple interactions. Soon, MITAI and CELUS will be hosting collaborative educational webinars and events where our valued customers and the electronics community can directly engage with our team of experts. These events will give you valuable insights into our combined automation capabilities, saving you time and empowering you with a wealth of knowledge and expertise.”




CELUS ( is a deep tech company that automates electronic circuit board design using AI. CELUS’ cloud-based engineering platform dramatically reduces laborious, time-consuming composition times whilst connecting electronics engineers to manufacturers and crucial components. Co-founded in Munich, Germany, in 2018 by Tobias Pohl (CEO),  Alexander Pohl (CTO) and André Alcalde (Director of Strategic Development), CELUS has over 70 employees and has raised over €28M to date, from investors including Earlybird Venture Capital, DI Capital, Speedinvest and Plug and Play.


For further information:

Bettina Giemsa, Head of Marketing
Ridlerstraße 57
80339 Munich, Germany

Phone: +49 89 25552424  



MITAI ( is a deep tech startup founded by the Japanese cooperate TDK in 2022, dedicated to delivering high-quality EMC solutions to design engineering teams by automating and streamlining the EMC process at the design level using augmented-AI based web app. Mitai is on a mission to become the industry standard to achieve first time right EMC compliance for designing electronic products and solve EMC before it is a problem!


For further information:

TDK Management Services GmbH
Mitai by TDK
Chadi Nemr, Head of Product & Marketing
Office: Rosenheimer Strasse 116b, 81669 Munich
Post: P.O.Box 801709, 81617 Munich, Germany

Phone: +49 15 114364031


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