CELUS Design Platform Product Overview
Product Overview

CELUS Design Platform

Accelerate Innovation by Automating Electronic Design Processes

The market for electronics products is booming, thanks to semiconductor innovation and buyer interest in connected devices. Global electronics product sales are expected to reach $ 2.2 trillion USD in 2030, achieving a CAGR of 5.6 percent this decade.

Yet, current electronics engineering design processes are still heavily research-based and manual, hampering companies’ ability to capture growing demand. ...and for this reason we have developed the CELUS Design Platform.

Most manual and tedious worksteps in the electronics design processes can now be automated, freeing electronics engineering resources from manual tasks and speeding up the development process.

CELUS Simplifies and Accelerates Electronic Products Design

The CELUS Design Platform is a cloud-based solution that streamlines electronics engineering from initial functional requirements to first working electronic designs.

These are the benefits:

  • Execute design variations in minutes

    Creating design variations can be time-consuming, as engineers move components and connections around boards to ensure that they work together properly. With CELUS, this process is entirely automated. Engineers can easily create variations (conceptional, BOM, functional variations), enabling them to optimize for specific requirements.

  • Create reference designs for company-wide use

    Creating reference designs for reuse is a best practice for engineers. However, product data is often siloed across organizations, making this goal difficult to achieve. With CELUS, reference designs and data are securely stored in the cloud with industry-standard enterprise security measures. All data is made easily available to authorized users. By reusing designs, engineers streamline work and ensure their products use approved components and configurations.

  • Provide an early feasibility analysis

    Companies seek to achieve specific outcomes, such as optimizing designs for cost, manufacturability, component and connection availability, delivery timeframes, application performance, robustness across product lifecycle, and more. CELUS allows engineers to have a first prototype on the first day and adjust their designs according to their requirements in minutes instead of starting all over.

  • Propose PCB floorplans in minutes

    When electronics engineers design products for manufacturing, they group components together in areas on printed circuit boards (PCBs), to enhance performance and ensure manufacturability.

    CELUS supports Design for Manufacturing (DFM) by enabling the ideal placement of components based on their functionality. As a result, engineers avoid unwanted interactions, the need to add unplanned components, and the risk of making mistakes.

  • Design prototypes fast

    Manual processes slow the time to prototyping. By automating all key design processes, companies can develop prototypes at pace and to exact specifications. They can then use CELUS to automatically send information to manufacturers and receive quotations.

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