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Interview with Backend Developer Jonathan-Désiré Guiennet

Hi Jonathan! Could you shortly introduce yourself?

Hey! I’m currently a backend developer at CELUS and used to be a developer in various areas, like Android applications and machine learning (both “traditional” and deep learning).


What’s your expertise? 

At CELUS, I am specialized in understanding and converting the Eagle file format and translating it back and forth to our internal ICAD format. I also participate in defining or maintaining this ICAD format and enabling it to do cool stuff!


Why are you keen on software development? 

Because it’s very pleasant to understand concepts, model them, and implement them to answer a real-world problem. That’s also why I love to learn more math in my free time. It feels like being able to grasp more of it and extend the range of the problems I can solve with computers.


What makes working at CELUS special for you? What do you like about CELUS? 

The atmosphere. It feels like everybody is tolerant of difference, willing to push the product forward and help each other.


What do you like to do outside of work? 

It changes over time. But mainly, learning new things either by reading or doing personal projects.


Do you have any guilty pleasures? 

Implementing stuff in Rust. Also, not to forget, I have been playing video games on Linux for over a decade, and now I just received my steam deck.


What are you proud of? 

With my contribution on ICAD, I think I did something that enables many internal possibilities to develop the CELUS product further and even better for our customers.



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