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How Your PCB Floorplan Design Becomes Child’s Play – Literally

Marketers like fun stuff and in my case, I truly enjoy applying fun concepts to technical topics.

As CELUS will be participating in the Intel Innovation event this month (as speaker and exhibitor), I wanted to provide a little activity to engage people at our booth. So here’s our new PCB board puzzle (one of two motives) that my colleagues Naho and Lea in the Munich office quickly tried out for us.

When you visit us at our booth at Intel Innovation, you will be able to test your PCB design skills – how fast can you complete the puzzle?

We have a 48pc and a 100pc option. Most of you engineers are probably dealing with much bigger boards with many more components in real life, so I am sure you will be able to handle this game lefthandedly. Swing by our booth #1013 in the Intel for Startups Zone and prove your skills!

Now, fun aside – you should seriously look at our CELUS Design Platform, too, as it allows you to come up with a fully functional floorplan design in minutes instead of days. Here’s what it does:

  • Automates manual work and removes the need for reading data sheets and recreating reference designs;
  • Implements design variations in minutes;
  • Creates schematics and proposes PCB floorplans in minutes, interfacing with the common ECAD tools;
  • Provides an early feasibility analysis and helps you design prototypes fast.
Swing by our booth for some fun and a free demo. Or, if you cannot make it to the event, request a demo now!

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