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CUBOs are the future of datasheets. Knowledge-enriched modules with all the vital information about an electronic component for engineers to develop hardware.

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Datasheets Redefined

What is a CUBO™?

A CUBO™ is an all-inclusive digital datasheet that revolutionizes the way electronics is developed. Bursting with essential information like a well defined application ready to use by any EDA, a bill of materials (BOM), specifications, netlist and interfaces.


The CUBO™ goes above and beyond by providing enriched information on component placement, pricing, availability, and comprehensive documentation. CUBOs empower engineers to bring their ideas to life without the hassle of extensive research.

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Information in a CUBO™

  • Specifications
    It has all the specs associated to its components, just like a datasheet

  • Application
    Each CUBO™ represents a well-defined application of an electronic component, e.g. an I2C environmental sensor that works at 3.3V

  • CAD Files
    CUBOs contain schematic, netlist, layout, and bill of materials (BOM) of the associated application 

  • Interfaces
    How does the CUBO™ connect with other CUBOs?

  • Supply Chain Information
    Updated lifecycle information for every component of the CUBO™

  • Optimization Factors
    Price, size, efficiency…

Deep Dive

CUBO™ Use Cases

CUBOs harness the incredible capabilities of the CELUS Design Platform, revolutionizing the way components are discovered and utilized. Take organization and efficiency to a whole new level. Say goodbye to countless hours of digging through scattered resources and dedicate more time to focus on what really matters—innovation and creativity.

Our platform automatically transforms hardware architectures into EDA projects in seconds, enabling designers to access and leverage components and their applications efficiently.

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