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The CELUS Engineering Platform is designed to fully integrate into your existing electronics engineering environment and automate the process from concept to design. Tackle your challenges and learn in which areas CELUS can help you increase your performance.

Product Overview

We understand your challenges

CELUS is the missing tool in your electronics development process to avoid manual work. The CELUS Engineering Platform complements your existing environment and helps you solve your challenges in a smart way.

Product Overview EN-1
Product Overview EN-1

Electronics engineering has never been easier or smarter

Be one step ahead of time and redefine how the electronics engineering process is done. Discover your opportunities with the CELUS Engineering Platform.

Library Management

Have a clear overview of the existing Cubos, and structure your library the way you like it.

Less Effort

Save manual work and engineering effort with the help of automated processes. First-time-right solutions will free up time for quality assurance.

Save Costs

By making your electronics engineering process more effective, you can significantly save costs in your electronics engineering projects.

Decrease Complexity

The CELUS Engineering Platform allows you to focus on a holistic approach based on functionalities instead of technical details. This helps you reduce complexity in the development process.


CELUS Cubos contain all the information you need

Cubos are holistic packages of all necessary information. They contain components and all required specifications - ready to be used in all upcoming projects.

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Celus AI

How Artifical Intelligence is used within the CELUS Engineering Platform

As a part of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning is used in CELUS Orbit to make it even handier and to easily implement Cubos into your database. The CELUS wizard helps you fill out all fields in the schematic interface and makes its predictions with typical Machine Learning techniques. The algorithm is able to identify the class of each net (e.g. VCC, Ground, etc). 

Next, based on these net classes, it searches the database for other net classes and predicts an interface with this information. Artificial Intelligence is also in use in CELUS Supernova. When using the CELUS Engineering Platform, you can drag & drop design blocks to your Canvas to describe your required functions. The smart algorithm will then take over the complex task of placing these design blocks on the board. It takes all constraints into account, such as connections, placement on the edge, or electromagnetic interference. You will receive an optimally sized PCB Board.  



CELUS Supernova Is an AI-Based Automation Solution for Electronics Engineering

Supernova is designed to fully integrate into your existing electronics engineering environment and boost your efficiency. It allows you to define your requirements and automatically find fitting components and Cubos for your design. But CELUS Supernova does not stop there. Our AI automatically takes that information and creates schematics and PCB Floorplans within minutes, while staying fully compatible to your EDA Tool.

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Celus Orbit

CELUS Orbit Is an Intelligent Data Management System

In Orbit, you can import your know-how in form of reusable modules, projects, components, templates, design rules, specifications, and so on. Centralized, this knowledge can be made available to the relevant stakeholders and improve design processes and knowledge sharing among departments & locations.

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