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CELUS Supernova brings structure into your engineering process. We abstract engineering data to optimize and find the circuits and components you need. With this information, we automate the process from concept to PCB Floorplan in your native EDA format.



Automating the Electronics Engineering Process

The process of using CELUS Supernova starts with adding the functional requirements as a block diagram. By adding your specification and optimization factors, the software will generate the Bill of Materials, schematics, and PCB Floorplan fully automatically. This not only speeds up the process but also saves lots of manual work. The final adaptions and quality assurance can then be done in the EDA Tool of your choice before the production.

CELUS Supernova

How it works

With our extensive cross-industry expertise, we know the challenges of manual work electronics engineers have to deal with.

Functional Requirements

Describe your electronics design using block diagrams, connections, and parameters. With our interface you can create a high-level design that can be understood by everyone working on the project.

Mechanical Constraints

Describe your board size or other mechanical constraints such as connector placement. Our intelligent algorithms will take your decisions as a given and optimize them to fit your application in your size and placement.

Export to Your EDA Tool

We are all about extending the possibilities of engineers. That´s why we allow you to adapt and modify all generated schematics and PCB Floorplan, to your requirements, by connecting them to your own toolchain.


Profit Multiple Times From the Power of the CELUS Engineering Platform

Structure Engineering Data

CELUS Supernova can access the structured module database from CELUS Orbit to find your fitting Cubos, based on your specific requirements.

Less Effort

Save up to 90% of your engineering effort due to fully automated matching of your Cubos and components as well as generating schematics and PCB Floorplan.

Save Costs

By saving significantly on engineering effort and unlocking maximum re-use, you can unify your variants and save costs.

Decrease Complexity

The CELUS Engineering Platform is letting your engineers focus on creating top-notch Cubos. This allows your engineers to focus their time on what really matters.

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Celus Orbit

Experience CELUS Orbit

CELUS Orbit is the new way of library management. Our smart data management empowers you to unfold the full potential of your electronics engineering. Store and centralize all your data in one place and stay ahead of things. Increase your engineering performance with structured and intelligent data management.

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