Enabling Smart Electronics Engineering

The CELUS Engineering Platform enables creativity and innovation in the electronics development process using smart algorithms and AI. Our solution uses a high level of automation to turn ideas into electronic designs, boosting collaboration and productivity.

The Electronics Design Process

Closing a Gap with CELUS

The CELUS Engineering Platform is the missing tool in your electronics development process to avoid manual work. It complements your existing environment and helps you solve your challenges in a smart way



Making Millions of Possibilities Manageable

The CELUS Engineering Platform is an automated, AI-supported system that enables electronics engineers to search and select the best components and create fully fletched schematics as well as an initial PCB floorplan - all at the push of a button and based on their specific requirements.

  • Automates manual work

  • Removes the need for reading data sheets and recreating reference designs

  • Creates schematics and proposes PCB floorplans in minutes, interfacing with the common ECAD tools

  • Helps customers to design prototypes fast and provides an early feasibility analysis

  • Implements design variations in minutes


The concept of the Cubo

Facilitating Automation and Design Re-Use

The concept of Cubos™ is CELUS’ unique approach to facilitating design reuse and automation in electronics engineering. Our platform contains electronic components along with application design information in the Cubo format:

  • ECAD data

  • Full bill of materials (BOM)

  • All ports, connections, and specifications for usage.

By storing your components along with all required specifications, you can easily reuse them in upcoming projects. Thus, Cubos allow for a significant cycle time reduction. Cubos are also capability booster for engineering teams as every engineer gets access to maximum IP and design intent information.

Deep Dive: Automation Capabilities

CELUS Supernova

The package of capabilities making this high level of automation possible, is called CELUS Supernova. It is an integral part of the CELUS Engineering Platform and provides plenty of benefits.

More about CELUS Supernova

Less Time

CELUS Supernova can access the structured module database to find your fitting Cubos, based on your specific requirements. Avoid manual work and enjoy a more efficient electronics development process.

Less Effort

Save up to 90% of your engineering effort by generating schematics, PCB floorplan, and BOM first-time-right. Reuse designs and avoid unnecessary rework.

Less Costs

By saving significantly on engineering effort and unlocking maximum re-use, you can bring your designs to production much faster, save cost, and be ahead of the competition.

CELUS Engineering Platform Overview

Product Overview

Accelerate Innovation by Automating Electronic Design Processes

The market for electronics products is booming. Yet, current electronics engineering design processes are still heavily research-based and manual, hampering companies’ ability to capture growing demand. This overview sheet summarizes the benefits of the CELUS Engineering Platform for easy sharing.

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PCB Case Study

Case Study

LAN Interface Module with Viessmann

“The automation of industrial hardware engineering is an important step that leads to immense speed gains and cost reductions with significantly higher process reliability. Thanks to the CELUS Engineering Platform, this automation will be possible for the first time – conventional tools are not designed for it.”
Christian Faust,

Managing Director, Viessmann Elektronik GmbH

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