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From Thought to Circuit in Minutes

Capture your PCB architecture and automatically generate schematics and BOM in record time with AI.

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Speed Up Your Development

The cloud-based CELUS Design Platform is a source of inspiration and a major time-saver for engineers.


  • Find reference projects
  • Intuitively capture your functional requirements
  • Automatically generate your project and
  • Find fitting components without the hassle of reading datasheets.

Rapid creation of circuits with CELUS


Rapidly Create Designs

With our intuitive block diagram interface, you can effortlessly capture your functional requirements and specifications. By leveraging our powerful algorithms and automation capabilities, the CELUS platform generates a comprehensive Bill of Materials (BoM) and detailed schematics automatically.


Say goodbye to tedious manual work and welcome a streamlined design workflow.



Datasheets Redefined

What sets us apart is our innovative CUBO™ concept, which takes modular design to new heights. CUBOs enable you to capture functionalities and requirements as self-contained units, promoting seamless collaboration and efficient design re-use.

Explore the full potential of CUBOs and their impact on your design process now!

Your Benefits

Experience the Strength of Automation with CELUS

Unlock the full potential of your design ideas with the CELUS Design Platform. Join the ranks of forward-thinking engineers and experience a new era of efficiency, speed, and innovation.

Save Time

No more wasting time reading data sheets and manually selecting components. CELUS takes care of it all by automatically turning your user requirements into well-curated component selections and detailed schematics. Focus on what matters most—bringing your ideas to life.

Gain Flexibility

Embrace design flexibility and explore multiple variations effortlessly. CELUS empowers you to implement design variations, compare options, and optimize for specific requirements with ease. By promoting design re-use, you can leverage previous designs and build upon proven solutions, saving valuable time and resources.

Be Prepared

Rapid prototyping is at your fingertips with CELUS. Our platform provides early feasibility analysis, allowing you to assess design viability and make informed decisions swiftly. Accelerate your development cycle by quickly iterating and refining your designs before moving into production.


Compatibility is key in today's interconnected world. CELUS seamlessly integrates with leading ECAD tools, ensuring a smooth transition into your existing design environment. Experience enhanced collaboration, streamlined workflows, and optimized design processes.


Supercharge Your Electronics Design Workflows

The CELUS Design Platform serves as a valuable companion to professional EDA tools. By leveraging the strengths of CELUS, engineers can achieve optimal results, unleash their creativity, and streamline their journey from concept to production. Here's how CELUS' technology complements and augments your existing electronics design workflow...