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We are changing the future of electronics engineering

We are the pioneers that reinvented electronics engineering by implementing automation. We like to take up complex challenges and transform the world of electronics engineering.

Our make-it-happen approach, our resources and our excellent skill set support us on our way to success.

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Revolutionize your electronics engineering

Specify your circuit's required functionality with block diagrams. Define your constraints, such as PCB form factor, number of layers, space restrictions and provide your existing electronics IP. Lean back - Now the CELUS Engineering Platform takes over: Matching between the needed functionality and your existing IP, generation of schematics, PCB-Layout and BOM. You stay in control over the entire process. Every step is fully transparent and allows you to adjust, if necessary. This is state-of-the-art electronics engineering.

Our Vision

Unleashing scalable engineering

We take over the dull work and make electronics engineers the heroes they deserve to be. With our software, we digitalize and simplify time-consuming electronics engineering processes and create valuable time for problem solving and upskilling. The story of CELUS started several years ago with the question of why electronics development is still tedious and time-consuming. Looking at the field of software development, a tremendous amount of processes had already been automated. In the field of software development, many developed modules are aggregated. When creating a new website, for example, the developers can choose from various blocks in a predefined building block system. This easy-to-understand and easy-to-use approach has proven to be successful over the last decades. So why wasn't this approach being applied to electronics engineering? By providing a comprehensive library and automating all the manual engineering steps, we are opening up new possibilities for innovation and progress in the electronics engineering world. Our goal is to enable engineers to build electronics in a fraction of the time and nourish new and life-changing ideas.



Our Values

A company's values are the core of a healthy and successful culture



Growth is achieved through active learning and efficient tools.



Long-term effects are evaluated in every decision to build the future better.

Icon Respect


Team interactions are based on respect, tolerance and mutual support.


Stakeholder principles

Everyone affected by a decision is asked to give their opinion.



Feedback is direct, honest and taken seriously.



Data-driven decisions are the basis for consensus and responsibility.



Everyone is free to achieve wellbeing and reach their personal and professional goals


Role of robots

Responsibility is for humans, work is for machines.

Leadership Team

Tobias Web Photo
Tobias Pohl
Chief Executive Officer
Alex Web Photo
Alexander Pohl
Chief Technology Officer
Andre V2@2x
André Alcalde
Chief Product Officer

Nicole V2
Nicole Lontzek
Head of Marketing
Rui Web Photo
Rui Calsaverini
Head of Research & Development
Esmira Web Photo
Esmira Alieva
Head of Human Resources
Web Photo
Matthijs von Witte
Head of Sales