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Reuse your high-quality circuits

Being able to easily find modules that have already been developed with proven, released, and available components, saves the time of looking for components and even more. CELUS Supernova automatically finds and proposes modules to build on your electronic circuit. Using trusted circuit blocks means that the process of running simulations can be largely avoided. This saves many hours and increases the chances to get it the first time right. To achieve circuit design re-use, you will need the right infrastructure to save all necessary information in digital form. Also, CELUS Orbit offers a platform that securely stores your data in the cloud. At CELUS, we call these reusable circuits Cubos. The Cubos contain all relevant data needed to understand and easily use this module within a full electronic circuit design.

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Gain speed by having everything in place

Structure your previously developed circuit blocks consistently to enable engineers to find and re-use them across teams without hours of investigative effort.

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Store your invaluable data ready to (re)use

Electronic engineers find up-to-date information such as product parameters, footprint, schematic symbols, datasheets, errata sheets, and application notes in a single location.

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AI will boost your efficiency

Consistent and complete storage of your electronic circuit blocks enables the CELUS Supernova AI-based algorithm to scan and work with your circuit blocks. By automatically selecting and connecting these individual circuits, Supernova creates new designs within minutes.

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The CELUS Engineering Platform combines all steps within the engineering process into one solution

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The Cubo wizard

Cubos are holistic information packages of reusable circuits. Easily upload all necessary information with the help of a wizard. Only confirm automatically created suggestions and save time while equipping your library.

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Uploading CAD files into Cubos

In order to have all information in place for proper reuse, Cubos contain CAD files of the modules. This allows the CELUS-AI to recognize technical specifications, such as compatibility or interfaces.

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Store component files

All Cubos you ever added into the system will be stored perfectly structured in your custom library. Search the library with an and/or function and find everything easily accessible and in place.

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Custom workflows for a 100% correct database

Define your custom workflows for your individual change requests, notifications, end-of-life alerts, and many more. For example, you can set up an E-Mail notification to the product owner for any changes.

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CELUS Supernova to provide reuse without effort

The proper structure not only saves time in terms of searching efforts for reusable components. It also enables the CELUS Supernova to automatically suggest fitting components based on your functional block diagram.

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Manage your electronic components database

With CELUS Orbit you guarantee that you are using the best electronic components in existing and new designs that come through validated supply chains, with the right price, the right quality and the right availability.

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Structure your high-level requirements right

CELUS Supernova is easy to use and gives the chance to explicitly describe all functional requirements and specifications in an interactive interface.

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