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All steps in one package


Generate your individual electronics

Watch our complex algorithms and Artificial Intelligence do the heavy lifting. Don´t bother with repetitive and tedious tasks such as selecting components or routing a PCB. Our software will work around all your constraints and comes up with a fitting solution, saving you days of work. This allows you and your company speed up the engineering of electronics by 90%.


Embedded Software

Allow our software to generate base and application software for you, based on the chosen microcontroller, hardware connections and the logic defined between inputs and outputs on the functional block diagram.

Import view

Import into your CAD tool

We are all about extending the possibilities of engineers. That´s why we allow you to adapt and modify all generated schematics and layouts, to your requirements, by connecting to your own toolchain.

Request a prototype

When you have finished your design, you can request a batch of prototype boards directly in our tool. Our partners will give you a quote online and make sure you receive high-quality hardware for your tests!

Celus Software seamlessly fits into existing workflows of third Party solutions

Hand it over to our algorithms
Save up to 90%
Save up to 90%
Lower the requirements
by far


Focus your time and resources on creative ideas and new product concepts. Let our software do the repetitive, time-consuming part, and boost your time-to-market metrics.

See what Celus can do for your business

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See what you can do with our product

Real world Example 1

LAN card for industrial control process

Complexity: Medium
No. of parts: 160
No. of connections: 2,600

This higly integrated LAN card was designed as a refactor of an existing design. Therefore, an pre-defined form factor and a specific microcontroller were important constrains, to allow mechanical and code compatibility with the legacy design.

WebApp LAN Card
AutoGenerate AutoGenerate
  • 100% automatically generated
  • Engineering effort reduced by 90%
Real world Example 2

Wearable with environment sensitive LEDs

Complexity: Low
No. of parts: 100
No. of connections: 1,500

When developing a new product which is heavily dependent on user experience feedback, it is important to be flexible and iterate fast over prototypes. Adding and removing sensors and LEDs from this design can be done at the click of a button.

  • 100% automatically generated
  • Engineering effort reduced by 90%
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