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5 Strategies – V2-1

5 strategies to transform the electronics engineering industry

The electronics engineering industry is dealing with a lot of uncertainty and room for improvement. Find out how you can bring your business up to speed with these 5 strategies

Identifying bottlenecks in the design process

Identifying bottlenecks in the design process

Describe your electronics design using block diagrams, connections and parameters. With our interface you can create a high-level design that can be understood by anyone working on the project.

How to tackle skill shortage

How to tackle skill shortage in the electronics engineering industry

Skill shortage is a pressing issue in every industry. the elctronics engineering industry is also highly affected by it. See how you can conquer skill shortage in this webinar.

How to scale beyond your desktop

How to scale beyond your desktop

Learn about the Benefits of Native Cloud Computing for Engineering software tools. Cloud computing is a hot topic these days. What are the benefits of native cloud computing for the electronics engineering industry though? Learn more in our Webinar.

Voltage Divider

How complex can a voltage divider be?

A voltage divider can be considered in theory as one of the simplest circuits one can have. Nevertheless, when considering lots of practical constraints related to manufacturing, tolerances, and so on, it can get quite tricky to design a reliable voltage divider.


How can Cloud Computing help the PCB Design process?

The PCB design process is known for being very complex and time-consuming in the electronics industry, often requiring several iterations until the final product can be introduced to the market.