The New Way of Library Management

CELUS Orbit is our smart data management tool which empowers you to unfold the full potential of your electronics engineering. Store and centralize all your data in one place and stay ahead of things. Increase your engineering performance with structured and intelligent data management.


Your Benefits

Experience the Strength of CELUS Orbit

Structure Your Requirements

Have a clear overview of the existing modules, and organize and structure them your way.

Find Components

Get access to millions of components loaded by our partners and save search time.

Re-use Existing Modules

Find existing modules easily and fast with all information in place.

Explore More Design Possibilities

Discover the numerous options for different variants in your designs.

CELUS Orbit in Action

How It Works

We know about the challenges of electronics engineers. Due to our extensive expertise, we also know what really helps to tackle them. A clear library builds the basis.

Import your Know-how

Upload schematics, PCB Floorplans, and BOMs of your modules to the CELUS library. Our AI automatically recognizes required signals and ports. Afterwards, you can add your application know-how and requirements, to share the module with your entire organization using the platform.

Library Management

Use the CELUS Library as the centerpiece of your engineering and manage your know-how from end to end. All modules and parts are constantly monitored in the background by our AI, to ensure they are re-used in all relevant applications.

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