What is the CELUS Engineering Platform?

As a company in the electronics industry, you daily make innovative and highly complex contributions to our engineered world. Management and developers are collaborating to achieve the best possible outcome and create the most value. But even in a well-functioning system, there are challenges that have to be solved. For many simple solutions facilitating the development process, there is a lack of infrastructure and programs, which offer useful support. Reusing modules is a simple example, where the basic idea is clear: taking advantage of previous work and only adapting it for the individual use case – keyword Design Reuse. However, there is the right infrastructure needed that offers all necessary information accessible for everyone.


CELUS Orbit is a smart data management system and offers a structured data base in a cloud, which makes it accessible for everyone at any time. Also, all necessary information is there due to CELUS Cubos. Cubos basically are packages of information about a module – complete and understandable for everyone. To use CLEUS Orbit, you only have to fill your data base by adding your personal Cubos. But don’t worry about it, you just upload a PCB-Layout and schematics of your module and our Machine Learning Algorithm will prefill all required fields with information. You only have to double-check them.

At one glance:

• Easy-to-use component management (also transparent for the management);

• Knowledge saving for every module with associated information (“Cubos”);

Practical and secure infrastructure for Design Reuse.

CELUS Supernova

Such an infrastructure facilitates every electronics engineer’s life by far. But we from CELUS even go one step further and want to optimize the electronics development process itself. CELUS Supernova offers some real “game-changers“ that make manual development in a CAD-Tool a thing of the past. With the CELUS algorithm, parts of the process can be taken over and be automated. Firstly, the management’s requirements can be implemented in a visual way and clearly understandable into a block diagram. This makes various loops for checking and optimizing obsolete. Secondly, the CELUS AI searches your data base and chooses the ideal modules without any manual search on the basis of technical specifications and details. Even placement and routing are taken over by a smart algorithm and you can directly download PCB-Layout, Schematics and Bill of material. Finally, you can upload them into your preferred CAD-Tool for double-checking and optimizing.

At one glance:

Easy to handle alternative for manual and time-consuming design creation in the CAD-Tool;

Define requirements understandably and clearly;

Automatic selection of components and modules (possible according to various optimization factors);

Automatic creation of PCB-layout, schematic and BOM.


This is how it works!

In our case study with Viessmann, you can see the CELUS engineering platform under real conditions.

Download Case Study

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