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A quick reminder of important tips to successfully work remotely during the Coronavirus

Most companies, for which it is possible, switched to remote work completely. Most of us are fairly experts in working from home, but we want to remind you about some aspects we consider as very important. Also, as CELUS team we don’t want to lose our team spirit!

‍Keep each other updated

Chat, chat and chat. Also, about non work-related topics. Ask your colleagues how they are feeling and create team channels where you can also discuss off-topic issues, for example: yay the first snow of the year! For this purpose, you can use Mattermost, Slack or Teams, but we are sure at this point, you already found your way.

Very important: Get creative and send GIFs! 🤩

Get in touch with new colleagues and those you are not often work with

We recommend doing coffee breaks together. There are tools in the internet to randomly choose groups of three people. The groups can align themselves and make up a time to have a nice chat. (We also recommend cookies or cake while doing so!)

‍Have designated work clothes

We know it is hard: But this is still a very good trick to get your brain into work mode. No need to dress up, a sweat pant will also do it. (You won’t see it in video calls anyway, do you?) But it is a good way to get motivated, especially in dark winter mornings.

Take breaks

As we already purposed: Coffee breaks with your colleagues are a great way to do so. Other than that, a walk during lunchtime will boost your efficiency for the afternoon due to more light and oxygen. Working the whole day straight won’t help your productivity and will make you more tired in the end.

‍Drink water!

A very nice way to get reminded for drinking water is use browser add-ons. You can also purchase a big pretty bottle for water you place on your working desk. Then set a goal: You need to drink one bottle up until lunch time as an example. Don’t forget to spoil yourself with some chocolate afterwards 😊

Air the room

Yes, it is cold. But opening the window for five to ten minutes will significantly improve the air in your room. Experts say you should do this at least three times a day, but better four to five times – create a draught if possible. This will prevent a headache and help you to focus on work.

Value your back

We know it is hard to withstand but working from the bed is very bad for your back. The best way to prevent back pain is to switch seats from time to time– for instance exchange a chair with back with an ergonomic stool. They are not even expensive and it is really worth it.

End your day right

It is difficult for everyone to not overwork or underwork when working remotely. Therefore, you should plan when you want to end your working day. At this time, you should close your laptop (no, not even a small look into the emails anymore) and at best put it out of your sight.