Pitching at 1E9 Tech Conference

1e9 Tech Conference, is not just a simple tech conference. It is packed with discussions, workshops, handpicked keynotes, networking opportunities and art. At this conference can join everyone from the tech ecosystem: investors, start-ups, entrepreneurs, corporates, and jobseekers. With more than 4 stages where people can learn more and talk about technology and the way it empowers humanity, the first edition of the 1E9 conference was a success.

Before the1E9 conference on 11 July 2019, organizers launched a search call: they wanted to find start-ups that would save the world - with new technologies and ideas.A lot of exciting and optimistic founders have come forward. Contunity was among them, and we were invited to present our solution to a jury and the conference visitors. It was a great experience for Contunity, we were able to connect with other start-ups and talk about our technology and the way we see the future.

You can find more details about the conference and watch the videos with the finalists (including us), following this link.

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