My New Year's Resolutions as an Electronics Newbie

The year 2022 was full of new experiences and learnings. I was fortunate to meet new people and discover various cultures as I moved to a new country, which was the beginning of my journey. It has occasionally been difficult, but it has also been inspiring, to study and work at the same time in Germany. As a result, I have reflected upon my career path in engineering marketing and written down my resolutions for 2023.

1.   Expand my Technical Knowledge

A few years ago, I set myself the goal of becoming a better B2B marketer by learning both the technical aspects of the products and marketing-related lessons. I then enrolled myself in an engineering focused course on Lean Management. I've now advanced a step further by beginning employment in the marketing department of CELUS GmbH. Electronics engineering is a brand-new field for me and my learning journey continues into a new direction. I truly enjoy learning new things and staying current on the latest technologies. Thanks to the great onboarding experience at CELUS, my first couple of weeks on the new job were already full of new insights and I am looking forward to expanding my electronics knowledge in the months to come.

2.   Read More and Learn New Skills

Although I have never considered myself a bookworm, I have come to understand the value of reading in recent years. I want to make reading a habit this year. I'll concentrate more on reading books, technical articles, and, of course, books that will help me come to a conclusion about the subject of my thesis. Reading, according to some, is to the mind what physical activity is to the body. If you have any book recommendations or trade magazines on the electronics industry, please send them my way!

I also want to develop a new skill this year by stepping outside of my comfort zone and learning something I never would have considered. A certification in electronics engineering or a related field, for example.

With today’s virtual learning options, skills can be acquired more easily. and I'm ready to take advantage of it to the fullest. Again, if you have any advice, I am happy to take it.

3.   Maintain a Good Work-Life Balance

While I am focused on learning and advancing my career in technology marketing, I find it equally important to maintain a healthy work-life balance.

My pastime has always been traveling. I have traveled to many great places, especially since relocating to Europe, but I still feel like I haven't seen much of the world. Simply going outside to spend some time alone in nature and discover new locations can dramatically change your mood. The Munich area with the Alps so close is great for this, but also aim to travel alone more this year and see the cities on my bucket list.

Last, but not least – and certainly a “must-have” on any new year’s resolutions list: I would like to make my daily routine even healthier by adopting a healthy sleep schedule, exercising at least 3-4 times a week, and eating healthy. I also want to make sure my routine is organized enough to allow me get on with my other resolutions and freeing a time for meditation and self-care as well as spending more time with family and friends!


What’s your list looking like? Comment below!

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