Management Off-site event

On the weekend of December13-15, our first management off-site event took place in Oberstdorf. It was not only a great opportunity to get to know each other better, but also to fully understand what is going on in each department and how we can support each other. We discussed how we want to go into and grow in 2020. In a big workshop we had a chance to share our plans, ideas and visions and now we are looking forward to implementing them. During the entire weekend we enjoyed many culinary highlights. Everyone prepared some traditional food from their cultural background. We had Tunisian and Brazilian breakfasts, Brazilian lunch, Russian and Turkish Dinners and finally good old “Allgäuer Kässpatzn” and Schnitzel. Of course, we also had some free time. We walked to theIllersprung, the source of the Iller river, and hiked up the mountain Nebelhorn (we must admit, by cable-car). It was a great event at the end of the year. We are now well-prepared for the challenges that are waiting for us in 2020.

You can watch a short video on Youtube:

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