Interview with Project Manager Neelofar Davies

What are your responsibilities at CELUS and what is your favorite task in your current position?

I am responsible for managing the development of the Supernova product on the CELUS Engineering Platform. This entails working closely with the product department, understanding the market and user requirements and then working with the technical team to see how we can best meet these goals. My favorite part is interacting with the team daily.

As a project manager, what excites you about the working style at CELUS?

CELUS is an innovative company with a unique product offering that will revolutionize the way PCB boards are designed. To be part of something like this is so exciting. Additionally, the company is on a rapid growth path, and they understand the importance of adapting processes to improve efficiencies. It’s great to come to work and have a management team that listens to new ideas and concepts and works with you to determine the best solution for the company and team and we move forward in a constructive way. CELUS has such an open to improvement culture and positive working environment across the board and that’s one of the best reasons to come to work every day.

What were your previous career steps and how did they lead you to the current position?

I completed my Industrial Engineering Degree and got my first job with Siemens, where I worked for roughly 8 years. I learned an immense amount about business, strategy, and the importance of processes. It was a great place to start my career, there were many mentors and different leadership styles that I was exposed to over the years. I then moved to an educational company that provided online learning portals and tools, which is where I was first exposed to software development and agile methodologies. Then we relocated to Munich and I applied at CELUS, I guess it was some luck as well - the stars aligned!

When did you move to Germany and what was your biggest culture shock?

My family and I moved to Munich, Germany, in September 2021. We are from South Africa and the biggest culture shock for me is the safety. For us it’s so strange that it’s so safe here, it’s great to live in an environment like this. Something I was not expecting was the speed at which you must pack your groceries at the checkout aisle 😊.

Which is your favorite personal electronic item and why?

It would have to be my cell phone because you can do all your admin on it you can get information that you need easily, use maps so you don’t get lost and google translate anything you do not understand. It also allows me to stay in contact with my family and friends that are far away and makes the distance manageable.

What was the most valuable advice you have ever received?

Careers take time and you can always learn something from everyone, don’t miss those opportunities.

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