Interview With Full Stack Developer, Priscila De Oliveira

Priscila De Oliveira is a Full Stack Developer at Celus. This means she can handle coding the front end and the back end of a software — therefore, adaptability is her superpower. Talking of superheroes: She enjoys assembling Metal Earth Figures. See her favorite ones and learn more about Priscila in this Interview.

Hi Priscila, we want to know more about you! Great that you have the time to answer some questions. Could you quickly introduce yourself?

Hi, there! I am from Brazil and I work as a software developer.

What do you enjoy most on being in the office as part of the Celus Team?

The international team and how much I learn on a daily basis about different cultures. It amazes me how much some places have in common and yet how different they are.

Priscila De Oliveira

What is your favorite task at work?

Figuring out bugs in the code! At first, it is just an unexpected behavior that could be anywhere in the code. Narrowing it down and playing the detective to really find out where the bug is, understand what is causing it, and finally finding a way to prevent that from happening somehow thrills me.

What is your favorite pastime activity and do you have a picture of you doing it?

I enjoy reading and playing soccer, but I haven’t done much of those lately.
So, at the moment I enjoy playing games and assembling Metal Earth figures, which are like detailed 3D puzzles. You have to invest quite some time to assemble them, but the result speaks for itself and they can also be used for decorating.

Celus_Interview_Priscila De Oliveira_plane

Celus_Interview_Priscila De Oliveira_robotOne of Priscila’s favorite hobbies: assembling 3D metal models

Which skill would you consider as most important for a full stack developer?

Adaptability to handle switching between different contexts and stacks, since each one has its own different approach.

Do you have any advice for girls or young women that aim to work as a developer?

It’s an awesome job, it allows you to interact with several other areas. This allows you to follow any path you want, but all those options and technologies can be overwhelming. So, take one step at a time, start with the basic knowledge and then gain some experience through side projects, for example. After some time and effort that will feel more natural.
Not knowing something 100% is not a problem, everybody is learning constantly.

How do you keep abreast of new developments and trends?

Sometimes, it happens by chance when I just tried to find something else and end up learning about some new libraries or technologies. Usually, it’s through reading some posts in Medium, watching YouTube suggestions, listening about it in a Podcast or following some people on Social Media, who busy themselves with tools that I use.

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