Interview with Marketing and Team Assistant, Veronika Sinitcyna

Veronika Sinitcyna is Marketing and Team Assistant. As Marketing expert she always brings up good ideas and is very dedicated to work. Also, she takes care of all wishes and is one of the reasons for the good mood in the office.

Hi Veronika, we are so glad to have you on our team! Thanks for your time to answer some questions about you. When did you join the Celus Team and what makes you smile when you come to the office?

I joined the Celus Team in March, but I have the feeling that I’ve been here forever. I adore our international team and the friendly atmosphere in the office.

What were your previous steps in your career and why did you choose Marketing as your profession?

I’ve been working in marketing for 4 years now. I started as a Social Media Manager in a restaurant company in Russia — without any experience, but with great motivation. A few months later I was promoted to Brand Manager and by that time I was already in love with marketing. Marketing is all about human psychology. It is not enough just to come up with creative advertising, it is crucial to understand the desires and problems of customers to offer them an appropriate solution. I like to observe people and I am very good at noticing the tiniest details, and these skills helps me a lot.

As you are a Master working student, what do you study and do you like Munich as a place to be for students?

Currently I am studying Media and Communication Management at Macromedia University in Munich. This program, which has a great cross-media approach, enhances entrepreneurial thinking and working. I think Munich is an amazing place for students. You can find everything for successful study here — great universities and libraries, free wi-fi in the streets for students, and an international community from all over the world. Also, I really enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of the city center with its cozy streets, green parks, and of course the Isar river.

What is your favorite pastime activity and what do you like about it?

First time in Munich I thought that hiking is everybody’s hobby and initially I was not so keen on it, but gradually I understood the joy of being outdoor and fell in love with the Alps. Every month I try new routes for hiking. Last week I climbed two peaks at once together with my friends and the best reward for our effort was swimming in the lake afterward. I consider hiking as meditation and I always get fresh ideas after an exhausting hike.

Veronika loves hiking, especially in the Alps
Veronika loves hiking, especially in the Alps

As a Marketing expert, you are affine to media. How do you keep yourself informed?

In the field of Social Media Management and marketing you have to constantly learn new things through reading or listening to podcasts. I subscribed to many media newsletters and try to find and use the latest trends in my work.

Tell us about the superpower you have!

Thinking outside the box.

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