Interview with Head of Marketing, Nicole Lontzek

Meet Nicole Lontzek, our Head of Marketing. She brings a lot of know-how and experience to Celus, which is great as we want everybody to know Celus and the product we work for. We are happy that she is part of our team!

I like…

Innovation, progress and fast forward thinkers. I enjoy surrounding myself with creative minds and learn from other people. It just amazes me how different perspectives can help you form an idea and bring it to life.

In a world where speed, constant change, and efficiency are crucial aspects of our lives and daily work routine, I appreciate traditional values like freedom, tolerance, self-determination and reliability. If you have a look at our modern work even the most innovative and fast-paced companies rely on a very specific set of traditional values and trust their business partners also to commit to them. That is the very essence of a trusted partnership and it works across departments and cultures all over the globe.

I know…

that there is a lot to learn every day. Being humble and staying hungry with an open mindset brings you to the most unexpected places. This attitude is quite helpful in private life, but also in business matters.

Especially, when you work in the (digital) marketing environment, you can be sure to learn on a daily basis and grow constantly. Lifelong Learning is an essential aspect of a fulfilled life for me.

I couldn't do without…

my friends, tons of sweets — I admit it, a well-sorted music library, my piano and a huge amount of books, Our day is packed with bits of information everywhere around us and we lose focus quite often.

Therefore we need to practice the skill of focusing on one specific task every now and then to strenghten the ability to dedicate your thoughts to one topic. Doing something which is considered to be creative, helps a lot int his exercise.

Creativity plays a vital role in the process of developing innovative products. By playing instruments like the piano for example you adress both parts of your brain. The right part of your brain is responsible for your body language, intuition, curiosity and creativity. The left side is responsible for your analytical thinking. The combination of both parts is often called "mindmapping" and leads to a new source of ideas and innovation. I really appreciate this idea and therfore couldn´t go without arts like music or painting. 


In my free time…

I work on a social project for children and young adults to receive mentorship and career advice accompanied by training sessions and workshops to help them grow.

Other than that, I cook, read and write, paint with watercolour, play the piano or very recently I started to do woodcraft. Usually, I love hiking as well and traveling, but due to the current situation I skipped that for obvious reasons.

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