Interview with Content Editor, Lea Otte

The right story about a product is the key to success for any company, and our Content Editor Lea Otte does the job perfectly. Meet our Content Editor Lea Otte! Lea is part of the Marketing team and the author of numerous articles on our website. We talked with Lea how to keep up with the latest digital trends, to overcome life challenges and to make the most out of your free time.

 Hi Lea, good to have you here. You work in the marketing department. What do you enjoy most about being a content editor?

I am also very happy to be part of this amazing team. As for marketing, I like the combination of being creative and having the feeling to do something that has value to people, but also sticking to numbers. Especially when writing articles, I sometimes imagine people googling something and my article helps them to find what they are looking for and to understand things better. Regarding the working process, I like doing the research and learning a lot of new things myself before putting this into words people enjoy reading.

Lea enjoys creative tasks in Marketing
Lea enjoys creative tasks in Marketing

 How do you stay updated on the latest trends in digital marketing?

I don’t necessarily read certain Blogs or Websites regularly, but I browse a lot through Social Media and always keep my eyes open about what is happening online. As I have good media competence and some experience in that area, I understand what people are intending to do with their activities. What many people underestimate: In official accounts — either Instagram, LinkedIn, or Facebook — there is no such thing as fame by accident. That requires much work and know-how.

 What does it mean for you to work in the Celus Team?

I really enjoy working with the Celus Team, especially our small but strong marketing team 😊 I like the team spirit and that everyone is helping each other out and that you can joke around with everybody. I share the vision Celus wants to achieve and I think the whole team, including me, is convinced about it and dedicated to the product.

Lea and UX Designer Gülce working together
Lea and UX Designer Gülce working together

 What is the biggest challenge at work you face?

I had to learn to do things step by step. I always see the big goal and can’t wait to get there. As for daily work at Celus we are creating content and improving every day. There is so much potential we want to fulfill, but we need to prioritize our ideas and can’t do everything at once.

 Do you have a motto or guiding principle when you work?

Like what you do! When you start to get dogged and try too hard, it will kill your motivation and fun. In my opinion, the best results are always achieved, when people enjoy what they are doing! So, be dedicated to your work, but also highly value your free time.

Also, I like To-Do lists… sometimes I feel like a grandma having to note everything. However, it helps me to organize myself and to clear my mind. By doing so, I don´t always have the feeling of forgetting something. I hate working in chaos and not knowing where to start and what to do.

What do you like to do in your free time? Do you like books?

In my free time, I enjoy doing Yoga or swimming as physical activity. As a social activity, I like grabbing food (I love to try vegan dishes) with friends, having a beer, or listening to live music. To calm down, reading has always been my favorite activity. I must confess that I hardly read one book every three months at the moment. So, my Amazon Book-List only gets longer and longer… As I see reading as relaxation, this is a various list of fantasy novels, thrillers, and inspirational books. If that also counts: I love listening to podcasts and audiobooks. That feels like reading, but you can do other things and be productive meanwhile. If audio also counts, I easily manage to “read” one book per week.

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