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Interview with Business Development Manager, Joris Bethune

For customers, the worst thing is to get disappointed by a product. This is what Joris Bethune prevents as Business Development Manager at Celus. He enjoys talking to customers and of course eating cakes.

Hi Joris! We want to get to know you better.

Awesome, let’s go!

Why did you choose Munich as your residence?

That question actually requires a longer answer, but here is the short form: I was born in Schleswig-Holstein and I really love it there. It calls itself the land between the horizons, with the North Sea to the west and the Baltic Sea to the east. In Munich, your horizon to the south is the mountains and that’s (almost) as good as the sea. Munich also has the tradition of beer gardens, which I enjoy very much. Being close to Italy is a plus (I love pizza and espresso). And last but not least, it is where a lot of industry is located. But for sure I could name 100 reasons more.

What is your favorite moment on an average office day?

I have been part of Celus for more than a year and I cannot say that there are average office days. I have the opportunity to work in a constantly changing environment. And the best part is that I can influence the story of this exciting startup. From bringing a cake spirit to Celus to building strong relationships with our customers and partners, the range of impact is huge. And this excites me the most about my everyday job.

What is your vision for Celus as Business Developer?

For me, it is not about simply creating revenue. I believe there is more to it.

Do you know the feeling, when you buy a product, which you were excited about, but it did not live up to your expectations? I’m sure you do. What happened then? Well, if you still had the chance, you return the product. But one thing is for sure: you stopped buying from that company until they have rebuilt your trust. There is a lot of damage to be fixed here and there is nothing worse from a sales perspective than having customers, who got disappointed.

It is about creating long-lasting relationships with your partners and customers. It is about creating excitement for a product, which will change the world. It is about building trust. It is about integrity.

What is your life motto?

Life is not a straight line. Explore different paths! Some may lead to a dead end, but you learn something along the way. And some may lead to an awesome lake with a beautiful waterfall, you would otherwise have missed.

As you are known as the cake-junkie — would you share your favorite cake recipe?

My favorite cake is the New York Cheesecake. But my favorite recipe is for a chocolate cake, which surprised me with the easiness to bake and its great taste (It’s Vegan by the way).

Here is the favorite cake recipe from our Chief Cake Officer:


3/4 Cups Sunflower Oil
2 Cups Sugar
2 Cups cold Water
3 Tablespoons Vinegar
6 Tablespoons Cacao (the baking kind NOT the one for the milk)
1 Teaspoon Salt
Some Vanilla-sugar
3 Cups Flour
20g Baking Soda

What to do with the ingredients

  1. Mix Oil and Sugar thoroughly.
  2. Add Vinegar, Water and Vanilla and mix.
  3. Add remaining dry ingredients and mix thoroughly.

Add the mixture into the baking form of your choice. Prepare the form with Butter/ Margarine and “Semmelbrösel”, or simply use baking paper to avoid the dough sticking to your form (That also saves you from washing up).


Depending on the size of the form, baking time can vary. Check the cake regularly. With the amount suggests and with a “box cake” it takes about 45 mins to 60 mins at 180°C.
The cake is very moist and will stay fresh for a week. Also suitable for freezing.