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Effective tips for working remotely during the Coronavirus from the Celus Team

To reduce the risk of infection during a global pandemic, many companies recommended their employees to work from home when possible, some switched to remote work completely. We collected a few tips from our the Celus team how to work remotely efficiently without losing the team spirit!

‍Keep in touch with your colleagues:

Chat regularly, even about non work-related topics. Mattermost or Slack can be your main weapon in this case. Checking upon your colleague to see how they're doing will help brighten their day! A quick message can sometimes be better than a coffee break at office. Writing is important for online communication to transfer emotions. Try to find your writing voice with team!

And send gifs! 🤩

Find a workspace

Prepare a designated space to do your work. If space is limited, find at least desk specifically for this purpose. It'll make you feel at the office.

Have designated work clothes

It doesn't mean wearing a uniform though, just changing clothes. You can have day pyjamas and night pyjamas. It'll help your brain stop being confused about why you are working in the same clothes you slept in.

‍Make a schedule

Use Outlook for meetings and your own calendar for breaks. Taking breaks is an important part of managing your energy throughout the day. Leaving your home or apartment for a bit and taking a walk is a great way to boost your energy levels for the afternoon ahead. Try to keep your working habits like “сoffee break” with your roommate.

‍Drink water!

Don't wait for the dehydration headache to spoil your body. Some hints from us:

there are some Chrome and Firefox addons, or Phone Apps that notify you every X minute to drink water, to look away from your screen or to take a little walk.

‍Think about your back

Don't work from the bed! Your spine is a delicate thing, so alternate between chairs with backs and sitting on your bed or on the ground (hey, it happens). The back of the chair or the couch, or laying in bed help support your back muscles and do exercises. A standing chair  is also very helpful for long days of home-office!

‍Determine the end of your workday:

It's easy to overwork, or underwork, while at home. That’s why it’s important to determine in advance when your workday will end. Include this in your daily plan discussed above. Then, close your laptop and place it in your book bag or close your office door so your computer is out of sight.‍