CPO André Alcalde speaks at Techologietag Leiterplatte und Baugruppe

Our Chief Product Officer and Co-Founder André Alcalde was a speaker at the event “Technologietag Leiterplatte & Baugruppe” in Würzburg. This event connects various fields of electronics engineering, for instance layouting, used materials or new manufacturing technologies. The experts of these certain areas aimed to exchange detailed knowledge.

André and our Business Development Manager Joris Bethune considered the event as great possibility to learn about the latest developments in the electronics engineering sector. The thematic focus was on PCB manufacturing in many aspects. Despite Covid-19 there were around 30 visitors waiting for inspiring speeches and hearing about innovations, but there also were virtual presentations. André and Joris both enjoyed exchanging ideas of experts from leading companies on a highly technical and professional base.

As a well-known expert of the electronics industry and of our product, André Alcalde, also had the possibility to give a speech on Wednesday, the 22nd of July. In the category of ECAD-documentation, André talked about generating circuits, parts list and PCB layouts with the help of Artificial Intelligence. Therefore, he was spreading the idea and vision of Celus software in the electronics engineering sector: To let machines do the repetitive aspects of PCB-design. That means the engineers can put their know-how into those tasks of this process, which require high expertise and creativity. Because of this, the electronics industry can meet challenges, such as skill shortage. Some of the challenges were mentioned in the speeches during the day. André could refer to that in his speech and received very positive feedback afterward. André is glad about this positive reaction as the visitors all were industry experts, whose assessment of Celus innovative software is a highly valuable input for him as CPO.

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