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Our Story


he story of Celus started several years ago at the Automotive Chair of Technical University of Munich. Our CEO Tobias Pohl was applying his long-standing experience in embedded systems to develop control units for various applications. Back then he was faced with very complex, tedious and time-consuming development processes. He was shocked. Tobias was so used to the advanced tools available in software development, like automated code generators or high level languages and more. The development of electronics was different. None of this was available. Every resistor, every capacitor and every trace had to be placed manually. To him that sounded like writing thousands of lines of assembler, a very inefficient process, that wasted a huge amount of potential. After that Alex joined him as co-founder and CTO. This lead to the great journey of Tobias and Alex, looking for a better solution to design electronics. But it turns out: There is nothing out there! Everyone told them: “This doesn´t exist, because it is impossible!”.

We always believed that work is for machines and creativity is for humans. With the help of complex algorithms and AI everyone should be able to develop electronics in a fraction of the time. That´s when Celus was born. Later down the road André joined our team to further advance our electronics expertise and combine it with his business knowledge to pursue our vision! Now we are able to prove the nay-sayers wrong! Celus´ AI is able to generate full fletched embedded systems, including schematics, bill of material and PCB-layout at the push of a button. Every technically trained person can develop electronics at ease and save up to 90% of the development while doing so! We bring electronics engineering into the modern age! We are Celus and we envision a world, where anyone can develop electronics easily!

Celus origin

As our horizon is much wider, we don’t set ourselves any limits and aim high. Our new name Celus is derived from the latin word “caelus”, which means “sky”. We believe that our cloud solution is the future of electronics engineering.

The new logo uses round shapes combined with an angular font, representing the passion that drives us and the novel approach that we take to solving problems in a traditional industry. At the same time it underlines our professionalism and crystal clear view of where we are going. The logo resembles the design blocks in our platform, while the sky is represented by the blue color.

We’re incredibly eager to see what the future holds and hope for nothing but blue skies!

Our Values

We believe that our cloud solution is the future of electronics engineering

Growth is achieved through active learning and efficient tools.
Long-term effects are evaluated in every decision to make the future better.
Team interactions are based on respect, tolerance and helping each other.
Stakeholder principle
The opinion of everyone is considered, who is affected by a decision.
Feedback is direct, honest and is taken seriously.
Datadriven decisions are the basis for consensus and responsibility.
Everyone is free to achieve well-being, performance and personal development.
Role of robots
Responsibility is for humans. Work is for machines.

Meet the Team

Tobias Pohl
Chief Executive Officer
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Alexander Pohl
Chief Technology Officer
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André Alcalde
Chief Product Officer
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Esmira Alieva
Head of HR
Joris Bethune
Business Development Manager
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Nicole Lontzek
Head of Marketing
Rui Calsaverini
Head of R&D
Oleksandra Zelena
IT Recruiter
Farbod Mollahosseini
Marketing Intern
Veronika Sinitcyna
Team Assistant
Lea Otte
Content Editor
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Jonas Natzer
DevOps Engineer
Priscila Oliveira
Full Stack Developer
Andrei Militaru
Integration Engineer
Gülce Kuruçay
UX Designer
Anthony Benedict
Compiler Engineer
Lymperis Perakis
Data Scientist Intern
Bogdan Maracine
Full Stack Developer
Ahmad Shafiq
UI Developer
Wajdi Khattel
Data Scientist
Robin Schulleri
Thesis in AI Hardware Applications

About the company


A new idea is born

The project and name “Contunity” were born, as our founders participated in the Businessplan Seminar of UnternehmerTUM in Munich. The name Contunity was derived from “Control units for you”.

Oct 2016

EXIST scholarship

Contunity was awarded with the EXIST founders scholarship by the German ministry of Economy. This scholarship provided our founders with the freedom and resources to pursue their ambitious endeavor.

Dec 2017

Contunity founded

From now on the Contunity GmbH is legally founded. The founders at that time were Tobias and Alexander Pohl. This day is the foundation for many successful years to come!

Feb 2018

World´s first board

Contunity´s software generated the first PCB solely based on user requirements given in the easy-to-use interface. This is a major milestone on our journey to allow everyone to generate electronics at the push of a button.

Sep 2018


The hard work pays off. Contunity receives the WECONOMY Award. This gives our team access to a vast industry network and starts of with a weekend with executives of Germany´s largest companies.

Oct 2018

Pre-Seed Investment

The next big milestone is reached: Contunity is successfully closing a 6-digit pre-seed investment with electronics industry expert Dr. Dieter Lederer.

Dec 2018

Ten employees

By hiring our Lead Software Engineer, Rui Calsaverini, Contunity is now reaching ten employees from five countries. We are thrilled to have everyone on board!

May 2019
Dec 2019

Seed Investment

We have received 1.7 m€ in seed funding from Speedinvest as lead investors, Plug and Play and once again from the industry expert Dr. Dieter Lederer.
Feb 2020

Contunity became Celus

When we started on this journey 6 years ago, we had the dream to radically change how electronics engineering is done. We were shaped by the idea that incredibly smart people should spend their time coming up with creative and innovative solutions rather than on monotonous tasks. This vision is far better supported by a name, which is not confused with the noun 'continuity'. Because one thing is certain, it is not continuity we are after, but we want to foster innovation and growth.

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