Great news: Celus was awarded WECONOMY AWARD 2018!

The WECONOMY initiative is promoted by the renowned partners Handelsblatt, Wissensfabrik – Unternehmen für Deutschland e.V., and UnternehmerTUM. WECONOMY aims at fostering partnerships between start-ups and established market players. For start-ups partnerships to established corporates are of interest for several reasons: Gaining know-how from industry experts, cooperate in R&D projects, acquire pilot customers, build supplier relationships, and establish market credibility. Handelsblatt, Wissensfabrik and UnternehmerTUM are eager to enable such partnerships by fostering valuable industry/start-up collaborations.

Celus team had the chance to spend a weekend talking with executives from Bosch, SAP, Vector, KPMG, BASF and many more about their technology to transform electronics development in the future.

Read more about it on the WECONOMY page.

Thanks to all our supporters who contributed to this success!