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CELUS Engineering Platform

The Complete Guide to CELUS Orbit-1


Learn about CELUS Orbit. CELUS Orbit is the new way of library management. Our smart data management empowers you to unfold the full potential of your electronics engineering.

CELUS Supernova

CELUS Supernova

CELUS Supernova brings structure into your engineering process. We abstract engineering data to optimize re-use and find the circuits and components you need.

02 What is the design canvas

What is the Design canvas?

The video explains how to use the Design canvas in the CELUS Engineering Platform.

01 How to create a project

How to create a project

Get started! In this video, you will learn how to create a project in the CELUS Engineering Platform to start your journey.

03 Hardware and Boom Canvas

What are the Hardware and BOM Canvases?

In this tutorial, you will learn what the Hardware and BOM Canvases are. Here, the electronics engineer can revise and check the schematic and all chosen modules.

04 Board Shape Canvas

What is the Board shape canvas?

The video shows how to use the Board shape canvas in the CELUS Engineering Platform.

05 Project Files

How to get to your project files

Want to finish a project and get the project files? This is how it works!

Cubos Marketing Video

Get to know CELUS Cubos

What are CELUS Cubos and how can you use them to create your projects?

CUBOS Video with voiceover

How to use CELUS Cubos in your project

In this video, you will learn how to create your own Cubo and how to use it in a project.

Viessmann Case Study. Design Canvas. Part 1

LAN Interface Module: Design Canvas. Part 1

How to create a LAN Card Interface using the CELUS Engineering Platform and reduce development time by 47%. Watch our first episode, featuring the creation of Design Canvas for our latest Viessmann Case Study.


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